We are so excited about our Pre-school program here at BDC that has now had many little stars dance through to the Diploma course and are now competing nationally and dancing worldwide.


Not only have we had great dance success from our little stars but many children that come for the social side of dance and do not wish to train at a higher level have become more confident in their everyday lives and are socially more confident little humans.


The children can start in our Big One Little One classes from toddlers where they can bring a big person of their choice to join in with them on a Monday 10:00-11:00am and then when they are confident to go into class on their own they can join the little acorn class on Tuesdays 4:00-4.45pm. The average age for this class is 2-4 years where they will learn the CDWM level one exam which encourages imagination, basic motor skills and coordination and rhythm. They will then move to Disco Dollies and Dudes at age 4-6 years (CDWM level 2 class) at this level they will experience a little more challenging choreography and introduction to basic jazz technique. This then graduates them for our CSTD Diploma program starting from age 6.